Allison, Marketing

Marketing Director
Allison is our dynamic Marketing Director who brings a wealth of experience and creativity to our team. With a BSc in Public Relations from the University of Miami, Allison has cultivated a deep understanding of the ever-evolving world of communications and marketing.
Allison’s journey began with an exciting opportunity to manage the social media accounts for a multi-million dollar beauty brand right after college. This role allowed her to hone her skills in crafting engaging content, building brand awareness, and connecting with diverse audiences.
Drawing from her experience in boutique marketing and public relations firms, Allison possesses a unique perspective that fuels her innovative ideas. She is the driving force behind our captivating events, promotions, and brand partnerships, constantly infusing our medspa with fun and excitement. With Allison leading our marketing efforts, Elite Medspa + Wellness Center continues to thrive in the competitive industry. Her dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence propel our brand forward, engaging and delighting our clients at every turn.