Myelite MedspaP ShotAre You Considering The P Shot? What Are Its Top Benefits?

Manhood is now being revolutionized by the technology known as P-Shot®. “What maketh a man?” is a question throughout history that has been proven to be the most important existential question to be pondered upon in a man’s life. It does not remain unanswered anymore because now, men have a sustainable means to stay youthful and sexually active even past their prime.

During the 18th Century, the city of Pompeii was dug up. It was found out that the place was full of “penises.” Sculptures and paintings were pieces of evidence that, indeed, men gave importance to their manhood. Fertility was something they considered sacred, for producing children proved how manly they are.


P Shot and Male Sexual Health

Men are known to be winners when it comes to sexual activity, for old age means even sweeter romances in the bed. At 55 years, they can still be expected to have another 15 years of vigorous and healthy sexual life. What’s even more surprising is men who are still in good health condition at around 55 years old can add another 5 to 7 years to that 15 years. How surprising is that?

Unfortunately, not every story ends happily. Most males are not usually able to stay sexually robust when they start to enter the age 35, for then their testosterone begins to decrease year by year at 1%. For some men, it could drop faster and even affect their sexual drive.

Additionally, family life, work stressors, other commitments, and sometimes even mid-life crisis can affect how they want to get kinky with their partners. It is often noted that women get all the ways to rejuvenate themselves for pleasure, but what about men? Are drugs such as Viagra enough to keep the marriage spicy?

The Priapus Shot ® (P Shot) is a new technology that aims to improve male reproductive health. It involves injecting a man’s platelet-rich plasma or PRP coming from his blood and injecting it to his penis. It just means a part of you will be used to build yourself up again.

Doctors use this tactic to promote tissue growth in a man’s aging penis so that it somehow returns to its previous prime and gives them better erections, reminding them of their vigorous and happy days in the bed.


General Introduction to the Miracle Wonder

There is now a healthier and better way to ensure that males get the pampering they need. It is healthy, safe, sustainable, and encouraging. Why? Because the P Shot process is not complicated, it aims to answer the problem from yourself and not from anyone else. You even contribute to your health by providing what you already have.

P Shot® is proven to be good at giving long-lasting solutions to help men improve their sexual performance. Specifically, it gives your penis a better-looking erection, which means it has better blood flow than before. It also makes the penis firmer, which results in a happier partner in bed, more stamina, and more pleasurable lasting sexual intercourse.


“What can I treat with P Shot®?”

P Shot® can treat more than one problem that men usually encounter at this stage, namely:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – the inability to maintain your erection during sex. This is a known sign of heart disease, an underlying health risk that needs to be addressed. Although not all ED are prone to heart disease, this still makes a man stressed and disappointed with himself.

P Shot® can help one renew his confidence and then fixate his perspective on the resurrected person that he is in bed. No more floppy or flaccid moments, just a steamy enjoyable moment.

  • Peyronie’s Disease – this causes scar tissues in the penis that gives curved and painful erections. Although penises differ in shape and size, the distinction is in the severe amount of pain it gets when the penis erects.

P Shot turns a penis with a defect into a firm and better-looking, and sturdier penis which assuredly can’t hurt a tiny bit.

  • Reduced desire/arousal – a less sexual desire for the partner. P Shot can surely help make the blood flow smoothly through the penis, which can induce excitement for the sexual activity with the partner.

A man will have double the happiness in bed, for P Shot’s overarching goal is for men to regain their youthful spark and dazzle in the bed.

  • Difficulty With Cialis/Viagra – These two are the most common oral medications being used to treat erectile dysfunction. The problem is these two won’t work for your pursuit to getting hard unless you have been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction before.

But P Shot treats patients effectively. Aside from a one-time shot, this is way cheaper than taking in Cialis and Viagra interchangeably.


The Advantages of getting P Shot

P Shot is indeed a revolutionary miracle. Its promising effects keep people wanting to know more. But what are the advantages of undergoing the process?

  • A Non-Surgical Treatment ¬– This process needs needles to be executed, and doctors promise that there would be no opening of the skin and replacing body parts. They only require that patients be ready for some pinch. Aside from that, it requires nothing more.
  • The process only lasts for 30 Minutes – 30 minutes is not a very long period. This time is quick enough to let your body rest and make the PRP rest in its new home. Although the progress of time could vary per patient because of extraneous reasons, it is guaranteed that in less than 30 minutes, the important process has been accomplished.

What’s comforting is that there is little to no pain for

  • Long-lasting – client testimonials have noted that it initially takes 6 weeks to see the results, and in 3 months, the outcome would be made more manifest. It shows that the fullness of the effect they are looking for would be taking effect after then for about 15 to 18 months at least, so patience is still needed as they go through the process.

However, research is still ongoing regarding the longevity of effect P Shot, for it has been proven that patients’ results vary.

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