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Rejuvenate, brighten, and hydrate your skin with our Signature Facials, OxyGeneo® and Hydrafacial MD®. Restore your skin’s ability to generate new, healthy collagen and elastin while targeting common issues like acne, dullness, redness and uneven texture.


Reduce pigment, target pore size, improve skin tone and texture, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles with minimal downtime using the latest in laser technology.


This minimally invasive treatment stimulates collagen to target fine lines, texture and pore size. By creating microchannels in your skin, we use your own platelets for the ultimate anti-aging facial.


Remove damaged skin cells to reveal healthier underlying skin underneath so your skin is brighter, smoother, and more youthful looking with our medical grade peels.


Rachel G
I came to Elite Medspa + Wellness Center for a consultation regarding some post-acne scarring I have, and Danielle recommended the vampire facial for me. The procedure sounds a lot stranger than it is! I was nervous it would be painful but it is completely harmless. I personally have not experienced any harsh side effects, just a little redness/dry skin for a day or two, which has been totally manageable. After having 3 procedures done over a short period of time, I do feel as though the texture and pigmentation of my skin have really improved. I’ve also begun using some products they’ve recommended for me which has helped! I have struggled with acne and skin issues for a long time and I’ve always been hesitant to trust certain products and services to work for me as I’ve done it ALL – until now! Thank you Dr. Lieman and team for restoring my confidence in my skin!
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